28 de setembro de 2013

Figuring out

Walking down the avenue in my yoga pants and bad-hair-day, I started thinking about how crazy versatile I actually am. Let’s see. Last week I wrote depressing poetry, a fake sarcastic obituary and an article about my home town. I felt like a young adult going on interviews and holding hands in the cinema. I felt like a crazy teenager getting drunk during La Mercé and having wild sex with the hottest guy I know. I had my feet on the ground, my body disintegrating, my head travelling around the universo, getting lost forever in blustering orgasms and nonsense feelings… Suddenly I thought about moving back to my country, or to move abroad once again. London, New York and Brazil popped up in my mind. But then I bought a cactus, I felt like decorating my tiny bedroom. I realized I won’t be leaving this town any time soon. The other morning I ate 3 donuts. Not kidding. Then I did my groceries in a biological store and spend almost 20€ in 3 little products. I felt guilty and poor, I felt healthy and conscious. I spent a whole afternoon shopping in the most mainstream stores and then signed up for yoga classes. I wore a dress with high heels to have a beer near the beach, and jeans with a hippie top to a fancy concert at Palau de la Música. I have no clue. Maybe this is not about versatility but a small – cof cof – demonstration of how bipolar I am. Definitely nuts.

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