28 de dezembro de 2013

my fav movies (2013)

2013 foi provavelmente um dos anos em que mais visitei as salas de cinema. Com poucos arrependimentos – Malavita, Olympus Has Fallen – posso concluir que investi bem o meu tempo e dinheiro. Aqui ficam os meus 10 filmes preferidos, sem ordem específica (eu tentei, really…):

Frances Ha - A movie that feels simultaneously very old and very new. in a monochromatic New York, we see how Frances Halliday builds a web of little white lies to sustain her life. It could be a romance, a comedy, a drama. In the end, it is magic.

Stoker - A thriller that is creepy and poetic. Charlie is certainly charming, but there's definitely something a bit off about him. (and about India. and about her mom...)

L'écume des Jours - Chloe and Collin live in a a surrealistic world where nothing lasts but jazz, not even love...

The Best Offer - He's Virgil Oldman, a sad art dealer eating alone in a 5 star restaurant. Love is blind, they say, and sometimes the love of art can be blinding.

La vie d’Adele - Adele falls into the embraces of the mysterious, blue-haired art school chick Emma. It is all about the messy realities of life, first love, first heartbreak, closure.

Nymphomaniac - The erotic life of a woman “from the age of zero to the age of 50”. Sex films don’t come any more cerebral than this.

Blue Jasmine - Allen’s cruelest film ever. Jasmine and her tragedy without catharsis is simply magnificent. Goodbye, European holiday cards.

The East - Jane is a Dostoevsky character compared to the members of The East. A morally complex movie where the expression "an eye for an eye" couldn't be anymore factual.

Before Midnight - The enchanting young lovers of "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset" are now two middle-aged squabblers. True love doesn't always ends in "happily ever after"...

Inside Llewyn Davis - The time is 1961, the place is New York City. A rib-sticking movie about Llewyn, a great musician and an incorrigible screw-up.
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